Developing the Universal Sharing Network

A Global Market

66% of the world is willing to share their assets for financial gain.

That figure is as high as 94% in China. The millennials'philosophy is fast becoming "If you can rent it, why own it".

The sharing economy’s story doesn’t end with taxis and vacation rentals. It’s expanding to touch consumers and companies, employees and employers. We believe that Airbnb's will soon become fully automated, and small business owners will prefer to rent work spaces on demand rather than commit to complex leases.

Anywhere where there are underused assets such as temporarily vacant apartments, office space or machinery, there is an untapped opportunity to make a profit.

Product Image Source: Nielsen
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Tomorrow's Internet of Value

We're currently developing the Universal Sharing Network (USN), an open source infrastructure on which blockchain applications modules can be deployed.

Find, locate, rent and control any object mediated by the USN, from anywhere in the world.

Give access to your flat to a tenant or a friend, lock up the shed, or immobilize an asset, all remotely through an intuitive mobile application. Indisputable ownership rights on the go.

Our Open Platform will make it easy for 3rd parties including manufacturer, small or large, to onboard any object to the USN, without having to 'ask permission'.

A radically simplified user journey

Open the app > Find object > Pay for it > Use it

Use only one key (your smartphone) for everything

No need to register or login for the service