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    Decentralized Access for IOT


The Revolution has started...

2.8 bn Smartphones

Allowing humans to interact with machines.

30.7 bn IoT Devices

Able to be controlled.

2.6 bn M2M connections

Allowing machines to pay and use other machines.


Incubed is a decentralized network layer bringing security to devices.


Control Access to your devices through API or directly inside Smart Contracts.


Access Control is based on blockchain security and can be verified inside the device.

No Single Point of Failure

Based on a Decentralized Network means zero down time.

No login

No central server. All permissions are managed by cryptographic keys.

Full Permission Management

Adjust Permissions based on individual Rules or Lists implemented in Smart Contracts.

Full Payment Support

Control Access by receiving or sending Payments in any Crypto or FIAT-Currency.


Each Transaction can be verified inside the Blockchain.

AppCoin free

No extra token required.

How does it work?

The Incubed connects devices to the Blockchain in order to control Access.

  • Devices
  • Access
  • MultiChain
  • Payment
A Device can be anything, smart enough to communicate. Incubed acts as a firewall and controls all incoming and outgoing messages. Each message needs to be signed with a private key. With this validated signature the device connects to blockchain and asks access control for permission.
Each device has a digital twin, which is a smart contract defining the rules and conditions needed in order to accept messages for the device. This contract can safely manage any existing business process or use a predefined set of rules, which allow renting or managing an appoved list.

Incubed uses the ENS to allow a unique individual ID. This strategy allows a fully decentralized registry for all devices.
While the main registry runs on the Ethereum Main Net, the access contract can be deployed on any EVM-based chain like Kovan, Rinkeby, EWF or even private chains. This gives full control to the device and allows to easily scale.
Incubed also allows access contracts to support paying in order to access. The device owner can define a list of acceptable currencies. While the blockchain will automatically support ether, these contracts also support any verified ERC20-Token, as well as FIAT (EUR, USD, ...) as payment.

Interaction with machines

Human to Machine

Humans use our slock.it-app (available for iOS and Android). This app allows users to discover useable devices, pay, rent and use them in an easy way with a private key managed by the app.


  • a human buys 3 nights of accommodation from a Smart Lock
  • users share their bike or car, controlled by slock.it access control
  • a Washing machine can be paid with the app and used

Machine to Machine

Incubed empowers machines to not only receive, but also send transactions or even pay other machines for their services. This capability enables truly autonomous vehicles and devices.


  • an autonomous car pays for parking
  • a drone pays the charging station for electricity
  • a machine pays a 3d printer for creating new components

Machine to Human

Machines can not only pay other machines and but also humans to deliver services. These payments are possible because machines are now able to manage accounts and pay.


  • an autonomous car pays a human to do a service, check or changes tires
  • a Smart Lock buys cleaning service from human


Incubed provides tools and integrates with many technologies

Minimal verification client
State Channels and Hub Services
Search and Discovery Service using IPFS
Permission management smart contracts
Supporting ETH, any ERC20, EUR-Token, BTC, Fiat (Stripe) ...
Integrating Cloud controlled devices with IFTTT, ARTIK, NUKI, Lockitron, TPLink,…
Decentralized Communication Layer
Bridges between different chains
allowing all coin payments
Integrated Access Control Board

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